The Well


Esplorare la Metropoli [ ]

Esplorare la Metropoli has been producing audiovisual and multimedia products since 2004: our goal is to document the social and environmental transformations that affect the contemporary world. After years of collaboration with universities in support of scientific research, we widened our horizons confronting global themes until we intersected the path of international cooperation. Today Esplorare la Metropoli develops social communication projects and focuses its attention on subjects such as research through audiovisual means, sustainable development, human rights defence, and education for younger generations.

Suttvuess [ ]

The Cooperative Suttvuess, based in Rome, works in the field of research, audiovisual production and postproduction since 2000. It was born as a post-production company for cinema and television. Over the years however, the cooperative has extended its activity to the production of historical and creative documentaries as well as commercial and social advertisements.

Lvia [ ]

LVIA is an Italian organisation dealing with solidarity and international cooperation. We’ve been working since 1966 with the aim of fighting social inequality, food insecurity and poverty and of operating concretely for peace and human development. We have 40 volunteers and 150 local experts in 12 African and eastern-European countries, where we operate with local partners to grant access to water and the right to health, to strengthen agriculture and livestock farming, to support vocational training, to enhance craft skills and local enterprises and to improve the urban and rural environment.