Since 2008, Esplorare la Metropoli began the production of creative documentaries both for theatrical screening and for television.
Among the productions stands out The Well – Water Voices from Ethiopia, that narrate the point of view of nomadic Horn of Africa shepherds Borana about the universal right of access to water issue. Acquired by Rai 3, Arte France and Germany, screened in more than 50 countries, selected in over 120 festivals and awarded with 26 international awards, The Well has opened a series of productions that investigates the indigenous point of view on great universal themes. This production line also includes the film The Remnants (produced with Rai Cinema and RSI – Radiotelevisione Svizzera Italiana, which opened, on 11 October 2017, the Italian Competition of the Festival dei Popoli in Florence and won the Jury Prize SSA SUISSIMAGE at Vison du Réel International Film Festival for Most innovative feature film) as well as The Tides People (currently in development).


Category: Documentary film
Directed by: Paolo Barberi, Riccardo Russo
Script: Flaminio Cozzaglio
Anno: 2017 | 
Durata: 52′ – 75′ | Length: 52’- 75′ | Format: HD
Language: Lao/English
Production: Nacne/Esplorare la metropoli with Rai Cinema and RSI – Radiotelevisione Svizzera italiana

The Remnants is a journey into the contradictions of contemporary war, residues of which do not end in simple conflict, but coexist into the culture and spirituality of a people that manages to incorporate good and evil, construction and destruction, and to convert killing objects into handy tools to tackle everyday life.



Genre: Documentary
Directed by: Paolo, Barberi, Riccardo Russo
Script: Mario Michelini
Year: 2011 | Duration: 52′ | Format: HDV
Language: Italian / English / Ethiopian

Partner: LVIA, International Cooperation and Volunteer Association

The documentary follows the story that revolve around the activities of the ancient wells of Erder during a long dry season until the arrival of the long-awaited annual rains.
Through the interaction with some local characters, the film takes us to the discovery of a model of water management that still allows the Boranas to manage the little water available as a good and a right for all, in one of the driest regions of the inhabited earth.




Genre: Documentary
Directed by: Paolo Barberi, Riccardo Russo
In development
Partner: LVIA, International Cooperation and Volunteer Association
Language: Portuguese, Creole

Hidden among the mangroves of West Africa, the Balanta people first fought against slave traders and then led the liberation war from Portugal, contributing to the founding of the Republic of Guinea Bissau.
Forced to measure themselves by the force of the tides to survive in the mangroves, the Balanta managed in time to remove the sea by recovering agricultural land to grow rice.


Genre: Documentary
Directed by: Marco Speroni
In development

Waiting, day after day, that someone decide the moment of your death… Trying hard to breathe.
Peter Pringle (Ireland), Marat Rakhmanov (Uzbekistan), Antoinette Chahine (Lebanon), Curtis Edward McCarty (USA). Four people from different corners of the planet who share a common fate – unjustly sentenced to death, they fought for years to prove their innocence, until they were finally cleared of charges.
The film wants to focus on what happens at the most intimate level to someone who has survived death row. What does it mean to be back in the world of the living, while feeling completely disengaged from a society that has moved on without them? After having been forcibly deprived of a significant part of their lives, these people are now struggling to embrace whatever is left of their existence. These are powerful and emblematic stories which share a common thread: a tough fight to reintegrate into an unknown and hostile world.



Genre: Video / photographic installation
Direted by: Fabio Caramaschi and Silvia Caracciolo
Year: 2016

We started looking for a family history on the trail of Italian miners and we found them in the Belgian province of Hainaut in Wallonia.
In their eyes it seemed to us to see the looks of those young people who abandoned their land devastated by poverty and war, to seek a better future at the bottom of a black hole in a foreign country.



Genre: Documentary
Directed by: Riccardo Russo Year: 2009
Duration: 52 ‘ | Format: DV SP
Partner: DERHUMHALC, International Festival of Human Rights Cinema in Buenos Aires
Language: Italian / Spanish
Production: Esplorare la metropoli

The documentary describes the social and environmental effects of the uncontrolled progress of soy monoculture in the countries of the Southern region of Latin America, and does so through the precious testimonies of indigenous leaders, landless peasants, new inhabitants of urban suburbs, environmentalists and intellectuals.



Genre: Documentary
Directed by: Riccardo Russo, Paolo Barberi
Year: 2009 Duration: 52 ‘| Format: DV SP
Partner: AGEMUS, Department of Sciences of Signs, Spaces and Cultures, Sapienza University of Rome
Language: Italian
Production: Esplorare la metropoli

From 1936 to the present day Tiburtino III has changed a lot but among the enormous volumes of cement that today outline its profile, it’s still possible to glimpse the continuity of a precious collective memory.



Genre: Urban Film Festival
Year: 2005
Partners: CISR, Inter-University Rome Research Center, Sapienza University
Language: Italian
Production: Esplorare la metropoli

The festival is the result of a research carried out by a interdisciplinary group of sociologists, anthropologists, demographers, film historians, with the aim to create a review of documentaries on the occasion of the “Sapienza University” of Rome VII centenary.



Esplorare la Metropoli is an independent production of documentary films and social utility communication projects, born from the association of some documentaries and researchers in the audiovisual field, with the aim of documenting and reflecting on the social and environmental transformations of the contemporary world.

In ten years of activity, the association has produced documentaries, researches, educational and cultural activities, collaborating with other associations, universities and organizations involved in solidarity and international cooperation.

Today Esplorare la Metropoli develops its lines of research and takes care of the realization of its projects in all phases of production, counting on its own creative group and on a network of international relations.


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