Genre: Documentary
Directed by: Riccardo Russo, Paolo Barberi
Year: 2009 Duration: 52 ‘| Format: DV SP
Partner: AGEMUS, Department of Sciences of Signs, Spaces and Cultures, Sapienza University of Rome
Language: Italian
Production: Esplorare la metropoli

From 1936 to the present day Tiburtino III has changed a lot but among the enormous volumes of cement that today outline its profile, it’s still possible to glimpse the continuity of a precious collective memory.

Through a long work of on the filed interviews, the research group has tried to reconstruct the evolution of the over time relationship between this community and its territory. From that kind of collected images the documentary Piazza Tiburtino III comes alive. The film tells a singular collective story, marked by long struggles for public housing and for dignity, which has changed the space and life of people over the years.

In the inhabited space take place the stories of this saga, begun in the lots of a slum that no longer exists and continues among the buildings of a modern district, in a large public square that does not yet exist.