Genre: Urban Film Festival
Year: 2005
Partners: CISR, Inter-University Rome Research Center, Sapienza University of Rome Language: Italian
Production: Esplorare la metropoli

The festival is the result of a research carried out by a interdisciplinary group of sociologists, anthropologists, demographers, film historians, with the aim to create a review of documentaries on the occasion of the Sapienza University of Rome VII centenary. Audiovisual materials have been found in the most important national archives (Teche Rai, Istituto Luce, National Film Library, etc.) as well as in recent archives born after the digital revolution.

The research analyzed the processes, subjects and conflicts that transformed Rome from capital to metropolis. Various themes have oriented the selection: post-war reconstruction, the spontaneous city of the “borghetti” and the shantytowns, the internal migrations of the 50s and 60s, today’s transnational flows of post Fordist migrations that have brought 350,000 people to Rome between legal and illegal immigrants, the building workers struggle, the student and feminists movements, the total institutions. With equal attention documentaries from Italian masters of cinema has been selected such as Antonioni, Maselli, and also independent productions from videomakers such as the Fluid Video Crew or other realities involved in urban illegal occupations. The issues on the various thematic areas try to refer to the video materials, analyzing their evocative capacity, rhetoric of representation, originality in the investigation.